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Updated 15 September 2009


Did you mean Jerry Webb?

If you have reached this page from following a link from some other website (or indeed, from the domain then you may be wondering which Jerry Webb you've found.

Whitelist follows:-

This Jerry Webb lives in the UK, works for Logica, writes about cycling on this site, posts to Blogger and flickr as 'blissonwheels', and tweets on Twitter as webbje. Also saves stuff on cycling and sometimes on work to

However, life is never simple. There may be other people registering accounts on the web using both Jerry Webb and webbje as usernames. The accounts I own appear in the whitelist above. If you come across a site where you find an individual with this username, but can't get to that site from the whitelist, you are probably dealing with the wrong person, or you may be the victim of an elaborate deception (google for OpenID to find out how to work around this problem). Or you may be the victim of a typo, since it's not hard for any of us Jerry Webbs on the Internet to fill in a form with our email address spelt incorrectly.

Here are several individuals you may be confusing with me, uh-oh:

I look like this bloke on the right, if your facial recognition software is up to it

Jerry Webb, the UK edition. Not a lawyer nor a gigging C&W star, nor ...

If the Jerry Webb in the picture is the one you want, or you believe you have found the right Jerry Webb from reading the rest of this site, then you can contact me best using the email address here, or of course using jerry [at] webb [dot] name, which always relays to the email account I use the most. But do check the whitelist above first.

Best regards,

Jerry Webb

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