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Updated November 15 2007

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The discovery of Marmite in antipodean Perth, WA, brightens up my day considerably

High energy, low weight, fast to prepare food

Now that we're carrying the tentipi tent on expeditions, we can brave several days of bad weather out of doors, when previously we'd have been driven back to a settlement to dry things out.

As we go further north into the Arctic Circle, however, the big issue after shelter becomes food.

What we carry with us would usually last for a day and half between visits to the shops. With these being so far apart and damned expensive to visit, we really need to consider whether there's a better way to plan for spending days at a time away from towns.

This brings us to a discussion of expedition food - in other words, specially prepared dishes that you won't pick up at the nearest Nærmat store.

Here's what the experts say:-


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