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Updated 15 September 2009

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You were wondering where the icon for the website came from?

It's been on intranet pages belonging to me for over a decade, since the heady days when we first downloaded Apache for internal project use inside the company I work for, Logica.

I identify strongly with this little character, who sums up what I do for a living in pictorial form. I'm a solutions architect, product guru, proposal writer, and troubleshooter for big websites and database systems we're proposing, developing, or operating for clients in the UK. During the evenings and weekends, I'm what is called an "Innovations Catalyst" for the Solutions Architecture practice in the UK.

Janet joined Logica at the same time as me and is equally stretched in all directions. Think Elastigirl in The Incredibles :-)

If you'd like to find out more about the kind of projects we work on, look here.

If you know me already and want to work at Logica drop me a line (I'm on commission!) - my email address is on this site's home page.




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